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Contact us today to discuss our 360 degree holistic Information Technology services and support and how we can help you succeed in your IT projects. We'll save your company money upfront and ongoing for the life of your business. 

ZCS offers complete 360 degree life-cycle management of your Information Technology assets, services, and support. We are a Value Added Reseller of every major and minor brand of Information Technology device, software, and service. We can assist or completely manage your IT project(s). From Research and Design, Procurement and Vendor Management, Project Implementation, Monitoring and Support, on-going Retainer-based Support & Maintenance to End-of-Life and Replacement & Rebirth, we even offer Staff Augmentation Services to complete your sphere. We focus on a holistic view of your Information Technology assets; from Client/Server Computing, to Network, Storage, Phone Systems, Point of Sale, Security Systems and Camera Systems, to Time Tracking, and Software Implementation, Management, and Licensing including Customer Relationship Management, Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning, Software As A Service, Cloud Services and literally anything and everything in between.


Projects require human resources, material goods, software & hardware, and other services to typically be completed. Procurement process mangement is a corner stone of project management and often drives a project forward, or into the ground to a grinding halt. The difference is measurable and can make or break a project and budget. ZCS can procure and manage the associated dependencies to ensure your project completes on-time and on budget. Contact us today to learn more.

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ZCS provides software and hardware support and maintenance to ensure your home or business is using the latest technology to stay connected and operating smoothly. From wired to wireless, hand held to desktop, workstations to servers, portable to rack-based storage, network and communications, monitoring and alerting, security and time tracking, software and licensing, and everything in between - ZCS has you covered and will save you money on your services, devices, software, and life-cycle support. Contact us today to learn more.


Information Technology requires experience, dedication, and human resources with specific skills, knowledge, and deep levels of experience. ZCS offers on-site and remote staff augmentation and retainer-based support to ensure you have the skilled personnel you need to complete your project, manage your technology, save money, and ensure an efficient, on-time and on-budget environment. By having skilled IT professionals on your staff and on your side, you can ensure success for your business. ZCS has what you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

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