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Technology Management

ZCS recommends and provides equipment, software, and services in all facets of computer, network, network management, storage, cloud connectivity, website development, and beyond. From a single computing device to building your entire network regardless of the devices, services, or operation of your business, ZCS has the expertise to provide you and your business with what you need to succeed! Please feel free to contact us for your technology needs. Starting with a free initial consultation, we will design, procure, and build the technology you need to succeed.

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Hardware, software, and service procurement is at the heart of Information Technology. Without knowing what is possible, before even designing a system, disconnects develop in what may otherwise seem like a viable path forward. ZCS specializes in determining needs, designing solutions, purchasing required software/hardware/service, and implementing those elements into the grand design of your existing home or business, as you dream and manifest your business. We provide as much or as little information as you want, provide 24/7 support, monitoring, and more.

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Once a person or business has the necessary pieces to actually implement the technology, the technology has to be managed to maintain and be a sustainable element of your business or residential reality. If the management of software, hardware, or service is left unchecked, outdated elements become weak points of your business, leaving you at risk of your business, or home, failing you. A roof over your head when the storms come is exactly what you need to survive, and ZCS can provide just that. Quite literally - we even own a construction company.

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